Prescribed Regionalism

This scheme for a 2.5 square kilometer mixed used development is centered around a proposed intermodal hub where multiple transport networks intersect. The project strives to define a contemporary language for an architectural identity pertinent to the region. One that attempts to revive qualities of old Middle Eastern towns with their propositions of shaded walkways and relatively dense urban fabric.

Just like in old cities where a marketplace (souq or bazar) would stitch various parts of the urban fabric, here, a hybrid retail typology connects three medium density residential clusters to the transport hub.

Each residential zone is designed around a 400m walking radius and is bisected by a set of pedestrian boulevards. Mixed-use towers inject commercial and hospitality programs into the development activating the site throughout the day. The towers act as way finding indexical points placed strategically at the terminus of primary axes.

Hybrid Retail

The mall/souq is designed as a set of modular volumes built around a 9×9 m grid above a basement parking. The variety in sizes caters to different requirements of outlet stores and achieves flexibility in space offerings. Roof gardens and terraces straddle the rooftops to both shade the retail outlets and provide amenities to the adjoining towers. Shops can be accessed directly from the street at certain drop off locations or can be accessed internally via airconditioned atria.

Team: Sally Rakeen, Azin Prz, Mohammed Tariffi

Client: Confidential

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