Reclaiming Al Rasheed Camp

In an attempt by the Iraqi Investment Authority to attract direct foreign investment for post war reconstruction efforts, large swaths of land were subject to bidding by private investors. The bids were often accompanied by Vision Master Plans that manifested formal interpretations of the development potential within each area and were used as tools to assess implementation feasibility.

Al Rasheed Camp site occupies 11 square kilometers of former military grounds. This was to be reclaimed and designed as an extension of the adjacent city fabric. The design proposed extending the diagrid morphology and negotiating its deformation and adaption to absorb irregularities of the site as it meets the river.

This new town by nature of magnitude contains a mix of intergrated and complimentary land uses, community facilities, and housing offerings for a variety of income groups. The design aspires to promote pedestrian activity and multimodal transportation through careful placement and calibration of densities, distribution of community facilities and green areas, and careful positioning of focal activity points and town centers.

Team: Michael Sistek

Client: AE7

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