A Modular Canvas

In an attempt to escape the monotony that often plagues row housing communities, this assemblage of modular units strives to explore the possibility of achieving variety through the strategic fusion of the town house and the courtyard house typologies. The interplay of the void and solid – landscape and building(s) – produces a fabric that aims to engender the intricacies found in traditional residential neighborhoods of Omani vernacular architecture.

A 16 townhouse residential complex made up of aggregates of three modular residential units that vary in size between 175 sq.m and 225 sq.m. The layout of the units allows for the strategic placement of fenestrations to achieve optimum solar orientation, cross ventilation, and the adaptation of internal arrangement of rooms to fit Omani living customs.

This fereej concept produces qualities common in traditional Omani neighborhoods by creating an external network of alleyways and courtyards offering shaded outdoor zones for congregation and recreation. This modular alternation of units escapes the monotonous repetition common in developments of similar nature.

Team: Mohammad Tarifi

Client: Private

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