Three Garden House

A five-bedroom farmhouse on the outskirts of Cairo was designed to offer its residents a tranquil space by screening the world outside and creating its own quiet environment. The house is built around three internal gardens: the entry garden, the main central garden, and the kitchen garden.


Volumetrically, the house is composed of two bars connected via the dining room on one end and an outdoor roofed terrace on the other forming a trapezoidal perimeter enclosure. A three story volume houses all the private quarters of the house comprised of the kitchen, the family living room, and the bedrooms. The public quarter of the house, the part where visitors and guests are received, is housed in a double story volume running parallel to the private zone with an independent entryway.

The house represents a journey around three distinct landscapes. Sunlight is diffused through the vegetation cover of the trees that constantly animate the lighting within. A 12m long terrace overlooking the garden from the third level allows the residents to hover and almost occupy the treetops. All the rooms have fenestrations on opposite ends to facilitate cross ventilation during good weather seasons.

Team: Mohammad Tarifi, Shalomi Ninan, Ahmad Othman, Monalyn Gelera

Client: Private

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