Cultural Incubators

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, the governmental agency charged with promoting and staging cultural events and commissioning public cultural projects in the city, wanted to develop a series of sites within the emirate to host cultural programs such as libraries, art galleries, exhibition spaces, and community theaters.

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A cultural center comprised of three programmatic elements, a 450-seat theater, a three-story structure housing galleries and exhibition halls, and a four-story office building. The design adopts a fairly straightforward, rather simplistic, approach to the distri- bution of these elements. The form results from a similarly basic gesture that mediates between 2 different scales around the project site which acts as a threshold between a two-story housing community on one side and a higher density urban fabric on the other.


A skin composed of vertical concrete brise-soleil louvers covers the building like a veil giving it a monolithic character and screens it against direct sunlight. The monotonous indiscriminatory skin plays against a series of silhouettes produces by internal opaque volumes that house special programs.

Team: Ahmad Othman, Daniel Furdik, Malak Fardoun, Sneha Joseph, Devika Kumar

Client: Dubai Culture and Arts Authority

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