Our objective is to reimagine the concept of the mall within the context of the Gulf region. Pragma’s approach to design presents a contemporary interpretation of the traditional souk archetype. Emphasizing an open, communal, and human-centric space was acknowledge that the purpose of a mall extends beyond mere shopping. “Soukspire” presents an evocative idea that signifies the fusion of traditional marketplace elements (souk) with an elevated architectural aspect (spire). It conveys the idea of a marketplace that incorporates distinctive design elements, reflecting the blending of traditional and contemporary influences.

The project is conceived as an extended network of shaded alleys, presenting a fluid connection between the adjacent context and the vibrant social spaces contained within it. The design incorporates a pallet of possible conditions to be hosted within flexible spaces that permeate throughout mail. The flexibility of the roof’s modular framework enables it to change form and function creating a new diverse articulation for different operations below it. The roof as a spatial organizational, structural, and climate mitigation element preserves the essence of the traditional souk as a shaded public space. A new approach strives to define the mall as a social hub, a place for interaction, and a community destination hosting more than retail venues.

Team: Adegunwa Odulana, Fayez Najeeb, Jace Fernandes, Jafar Abbas, Mohammed Tarifi, Pablo, Rashid Bin Hameed, Shalomi Ninan

Client: Confidential

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