A Marketplace by the Palm Orchards

Like vernacular palm reed “arish” architecture, the building should be light, airy and generous with shade. It is part of the terrain, an expression of the built environment that is easiest to read at a distance but intimately experienced from within. The most important feature of the site we will be building on the borders of this Palm Orchard, making the project, by default, an extension of the park.

The building will present a series of suspended planes, lattice work canopies, and expansive terraces opening up to the surrounding park and lagoon with plenty of retail, food and beverage offerings. This architecture will speak of the past, the present and the future.

Shade and breeze will be ensured through the use of open-work partitions, layered canopies, and an intricate network of alleyways and courtyards. Overlapping shadows are created by orthogonal geometries interlacing along multiple planes and elevations and creating the fifth façade of the building as seen from above by the neighboring towers.

Team: Daniel Furdik, Shalomi Ninan

Client: Sharjah Islamic Bank

Collaborators: Vizualization by Pictown

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